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Jindal Says Nation’s Largest Methanol Plant Will be Built in St. James Parish

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Entry Date: February 28, 2013
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Description: Plans are underway to build the largest methanol plant in the United States along the Mississippi River in St. James Parish, Louisiana. The Texas-based company, Zeep Emissions Energy and Todd Corp of New Zealand are joining forces to build the $1.3 billion plant that will be named South Louisiana Methanol. It is expected to hire about 60 people at an average salary of $65,000 a year. Another 370 people are expected to get jobs that will be indirectly tied to the plant.

Methanol is used in the manufacture of many products including plastics, polyester fibers and fabrics, pesticides, fuel additives, pharmaceuticals and adhesives for wooden products. Gov. Bobby Jindal said "The inexpensive price and high inventories of natural gas in Louisiana—coupled with our incomparable workforce and strong business climate—helped make it clear to South Louisiana Methanol that Louisiana is the best place to invest and create jobs. St. James Parish’s location on the Mississippi River places it at the heart of Louisiana’s advanced petrochemical manufacturing sector, complete with easy access to a world-class interstate pipeline network and global shipping infrastructure. South Louisiana Methanol’s investment is the latest example of the renaissance our energy and chemical industries are experiencing today, which is creating thousands of good-paying jobs for our people.”

Just three months ago, Methanex announced it is moving its methanol operations from a plant in Chile to Geismar, Louisiana. The company is also considering moving a second plant from Chile to Louisiana.

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