Public Media Exchange

About GulfWatch

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) along with others in public media are making it easier for everyone to access content that makes a difference.

You're looking at one way we're doing that – GulfWatch.

We started by wanting to link Louisiana's public radio stations to share information in times of emergencies. That idea soon grew to include projects funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) like the Gulf Coast News Consortium, the Digital Learning Library Initiative, the American Archive Project and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded planning grant for the Louisiana Digital Media Archive.

GulfWatch isn't finished, and it's not designed to ever be. That's what makes it exciting! It's designed to change and meet whatever challenges come our way. LPB and its partners see Public Media Exchange as a way to serve radio and television stations, partner organizations, and the public. Who are those partners? Educators, content producers, archival media collections, non-profits, government agencies, and so on. For example, the LPB Digital Learning Library, gives families and educators a safe haven to access quality original programs from a trusted source that inspire, educate, inform and entertain.